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To some, a kit may just be viewed as a fairly insignificant piece of clothing, but for those players who wear garments that are specifically designed for them, it makes each individual feel valued, it promotes women’s football and helps distance it from being a subsidiary of the men’s game. Almost every nation competing at the major international tournament this summer has released their respective kits for the competition and there are some exceptional designs.

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Nope. For whatever reason, japan jersey 2022 this jersey has always resembled more of a training top than a world-class away jersey and is arguably the cheapest that an England kit has ever looked. Using crutches, one-legged players warm up by sprinting in the green jersey of the national team, portugal 2023 jersey then practice penalty kicks. I’m not exactly sure who this Eriksen is, but if you buy this T-shirt and wear it to any and all World Cup parties, you’ll have instant credibility.